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Vamos A Bailar •.¸♫¸.• Patroux (instrumental) HD

Vamos A Bailar •.¸♫¸.• Patroux (instrumental) HD
  • •.¸♫¸.• "All you have to do is dance!" •.¸♫¸.• ... "Vamos a bailar" (Let's dance) is another wonderful track by my French friend Patrick, filled with latin ...

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Tango For Lena Patroux (instrumental) HD

Tango For Lena  Patroux (instrumental) HD
  • "When you dance tango, you must give everything. If you can't do that, don't dance." (Ricardo Vidort) Enjoy enchanting tango sounds in Spanish atmosphere! ...

patroux patrouxambientmusic Tango for Lena 2011 New age ambient music spanish guitar flamenco Boléro Tango Latin electronic synthesizer keyboard uplifting inspiration motivation Dreams love Romantic Dancing instrumental sentimentalme

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