Rainbows Of Wisdom ? Patroux (instrumental) HD

"I know that if smell would be visible, such as colour ~ I would see the summer garden in rainbow clouds." (R. Bridge) ... THANKS TO TUKS, WHO GAVE ME THE QUOTE BY R. BRIDGE SOME MONTHS AGO ~ WHICH INSPIRED ME TO CREATE THIS VID JUST NOW! My own thoughts are that every nuance of a rainbow colour is to have a wish for free, a miracle, a special feeling of peace, a smooth touch from heaven to earth, a kind of secret, a beautiful magic ~ an eyecatching breathtake of light, water & air! Simply a precious gift of nature to us all! ... ?????????? ... Patroux is a French composer/musician of New Age & Ambient Music! The track "Rainbows of Wisdom" is taken from the album "Walking in Paradise" of 2009! ...
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